02 December 2012

fat bombs

Take some butter and coconut oil or coconut butter

Melt them all in a pan

Add some LC sweetener.... 
And any flavor you like -

Pour them all into molds
And pop them into the freezer...

You have a Fat Bomb!

These were made with chocolate flav syrup...
Then a couple of drops of cherry/almond went into one,
mint into another, orange, raspberry, kahlua, 
Any flavor your little heart desires! 

These have cocoa and almond butter mixed in
...I am not a fan of chocolate... it's ok... but I am 
not coo coo for cocoa... (yuk)

You can add nibs, nuts, anything at all
If you make them and don't like them,
You can melt them down and try again!

They keep me from being too hungry - for hours...
And I must admit - I like them!


  1. What a great idea! i definitely have to try this. Thanks!

  2. Hmmm. Do you just eat them by themselves?

  3. Hi Thanks for the fat bomb instructions. Yesterday I said I'd never try them, didn't think they were right for me. Today I know I need to stay in ketosis to feel good, kick the lethargy out and so on. I'm thinking and your pics and ideas help.


  4. your post is very interesting and nice. thanks for sharing.


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