11 October 2018

victor victoria victory lap

One last fling with the wheat. 
I’m against wheat. 
And yet it’s pretty good sometimes. 
I have no judgement 
For when people relapse 
On weight loss. It’s hard. 
Damn hard. 

Impromptu trip to the clinic 
And was there all day. 
All long ass day. 
No complaints! Just a wee headache. 
Probably mild dehydration. 

I know that when I work 7 days,
My diet needs to be impeccable 
Or I suffer with indigestion, 
Headaches, and sore gums. 
All inflammation! 

When you hang out with theater people
You get some cool hand me downs. 
Is like 55 degrees F 
“F” as in finally fall!
That’s like 12 degrees C. 
“C” as in Canadian friends! 

Yay for me! 
I like this solitaire game. 
It teaches strategy. 

If you haven’t noticed by now, 
It’s my goal to blog every day. 
Even if I don’t particularly 
have anything to say. 
I’m developing accountability. 

You hear “Baby Hospice Nurse”
and you think of quiet times
And nursery rhymes. 
But it’s really more like poopy diapers
And laundry and scrubbing the toilet ...
Staying late... hours of hard core crying
And moments of sweetness in between. 

I started a recycling center for the nurses
For non-medical waste. 
A little drop in the bucket. 
But the way the world is lately,
Every bit helps. 

I now walk a mile a day, every day,
Before work. And do my 
Resistance Band stretching. 

It’s a well known fact that nurses are slobs. 
Either that, or were OCD 
And have every single thing in place. 
I’m fluent in both! Lol. 

Cleaning the nurses swag bag. 
Someone’s got to do it. 
Might as well be me! 

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  1. Anne, I am loving the daily posts. Good going on all your lifestyle habits. I have a question for you: Could you do a post on your Snake Juice regimen? Or maybe point me to the fairly recent post where you talked about it. I have started using it, with the plan to eat OMAD with a fast day once a week. I have done OMAD with pitiful results and eating ANYTHING like the general population causes weight gain, achy knees, and migraines. Been low-carbing (except when I'm not!) for about 15 years, but still struggle with excess pounds. The juice I made is pretty nasty, but I've done stupider things (like homeopathic HCG) in my quest for thin.


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