24 October 2018

baby sleep

I know there’s no such thing. 
But there should be. 

The gentleman in front of me
Payed It Forward-
So I paid it forward for the next guy! 

The single most important thing we can do

Regardless of who you like,
It’s time to admit our system is broken. 
Time to break up with the old ways. 
And figure out a new way. 

Baby pee. 
Part of the job, ya know! 

I slept 10 hours last night
And 10 hours the night before. 
I got up before the alarm,
Did housework, laundry, dishes, 
And got to work early enough 
for a half mile walk! 

Just 1000 steps today.
I don’t carry my phone around at work. 
So these numbers are all
Walks before work. 
I walk another mile during the day,
I’m sure of it! 

Most of all, with all this sleep,
I’m really happy! 

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