28 October 2018

country roads

Valley Ranch. 

See the valley? 
Anywhere the Dallas Cowboys
Live - or lived- is prime real estate. 

Out in the country with Cindy. 

Instant Pot day 2. 

This. This is a little Sweet Knot. 
I love “Ramadan” food so much! 

Still believe that grains are not good. 
But I do understand when people love grains. 
They are like wine. 
Addictive, delicious, and hard to give up. 
Most people have to have a 
full-blown health crisis before 
They even CONSIDER 
Giving them up. 

Why are enema products 
always on the bottom row? 

7 years ago. 
My Wicked phase. 

Two years ago. 
My Phantom phase! 
Note the cane! 
I never use it anymore!
Knock on wood! 

Yikes. That face! 
This was “only” 20 pounds. 
From then - and this very day. 

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