29 October 2018

run a weigh

Instant Pot almost done. 

The family I take care of
They keep it so hot in the house
That sometimes I think 
I’m actually going to faint.  

Cindy’s dad has the right idea. 
Thickened wine. 
He took one sip. Lol. 

Frick and Frack

This is why you have to be ready. 
You never know when someone 
Will bust out with junk carbs 
At work. Be ready. Say no. 

2 years ago at Phantom 

And now! 
I love the fasting results. 

I loved my Reunion. 
But I got to say. 
Some of my classmates...
Well, they looked a little older
And rough around the edges. 
I credit my Mom’s genetics- 
She didn’t look her age, either. 
But also low carb, 
Low Inflammation,
Ketogenic Diet helps! 

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