03 October 2018

the impossible is done

I say I’ll care forever
And I mean forever. 
If I have to hold up the sky

Crazy she calls me
Sure I’m crazy 
Crazy not in love am I! 

Dinner Jazz Break 

The difficult I’ll do right now. 

The impossible may take a little while!

Hot damn. 
I’m done! 

I worked like 80 hours this week, 
Reached my weight goal, 
Got new clothes, 
Got my hair done,
Need threaded, later today...
Put the decorations together 
For the reunion...
Got the house clean
And the yard mowed. 
And stayed true to OMAD 
And never got a sniffle!
While everyone around me 
Is flipped out on the floor. 
Mega Virus. 
Go figure. 


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