13 October 2018

remedial chaos theory

Lots of rain makes for pretty skies. 
I never get tired of the rain. 

People will never stop offering 
So you have to learn to say NO THANKS! 

Time out for Nursie! 
Think about what you’ve done. 

I need to whip the seeing machine out 
and do some sewing. 

Not to brag. 
But some of my classmates looked 
OLD AS Freaking Hades! 
I’m sorry they have crap diets. 
Diet is probably (obviously)
The LAST thing they suspect
As being the culprit that is aging them. 

Labs next week at the VA. 
Can’t wait to see how great they are! 
I certainly backed the right horse 
With Low Carb. 
Thank goodness! 

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