31 May 2016

a little church

Lots of Salad with Chicken
Which is crazy -
But easier to cook

More Horses all over the North of Denton

This old-looking Anglican Church in Denton

The guy (not a priest - he had on Aramis)
Thought I was there for a class and let in!

Great. Bread and Wine.
No Low Carb version served here

A dear patient took a turn for the worse, 
And the family asked if I would like to visit him...
I went. And a few days later, he died.
One of those times I was so glad I had that chance -
And actually made time to go!


  1. I want that salad and I love the little church. It is lovely that you were able to see your patient before died, I am sure it meant a lot to him.

    1. It meant so much to me as well... he was a jewel... I loved the guy...
      When I broke my leg, he called me up and said "HEY, GIMPY! WHAT's UP!"
      [He was a AKA amputee...complications of diabetes]


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