12 May 2016

wickedly waiting

I walked all this way
Up this hill! 
Also, I walked all the way through 
A large Super-Store the other day.
Walking up a hill is hard because it changes the location
Where the Tibial Plateau strikes the Femur.
And that, my friends, is pain.

 A new water drink
Every tried it? 

More women Laughing With Salads...
What do they know that I don't know!?

Brave Combo in Denton Texas
Love these guys 

Bosses took us to Chuy's for Nurses Day...
Silly, I know...
But it is nice to have someone say 
"Happy Nurses Day!"
And mean it.
Nurses Day is really 12 May....
Florence Nightingales Birthday...

Typical Passive -Aggressive Behavior 
She cuts you off
Then makes a snide remark.

Fell asleep at a Traffic Light the other day.
That means something is wrong.
And needs to be changed.
Maybe less distance travelled per case.
Less "Windshield Time"
And more time doing Patient Care.

Wicked - soon....
Maybe by the time you read this post?


  1. Happy nurses day to my favorite Nurse! :) <3 Angela

    Love the bright colors....

    And those ladies eating the salads... they must have found a little bacon is all I can figure.

  2. Great pictures! Wicked is sooooo sooooon!!!

  3. BTW... I'm actually gonna be an RN soon.... In school now :)

    1. WOWOWOWOWOWOW - That is wonderful! I wish you every good thing with that!!!
      That makes my day! :)


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