05 June 2016

summer school

38 years ago was High School Graduation.
People at work are amazed
That I am older than they are (older).
Or so they say.

Lots of Cows in Dallas...

 Fun and Game in Lewsiville

Big Jack's BBQ (link)
Also in Lewsiville

Some of the best I have ever had.

Gouda... but cheese is one of those "sometime" things 

So many trees - Flower Mound

What is this kind of tree?

Lewisville is a Big City... 
Lots of small town influence.
It is my current fave city. 
Right between Dallas and Denton.
And it has a lake - with many promising trails!

Trying to keep Keller like a small town... 
But it is a pretty big and growing city!

A typical Service Station Bathroom
With all the comforts of home.

A lovely sunset after a day of work -
My dear boss said he feels like I am hitting my stride ...
And it is showing in my work! 
Getting rid of that second job took a huge burden off - 
Those were unbearable times. I can't imagine why I chose to stay.
Didn't want to be a "serial quitter".... I reckon.

Two Nurses also said that my notes were awesome!
I was thrilled! I hope they always are.

One day it was jackets. The next day - shorts!
That is how weather in Texas goes.
I am ready for a productive summer.


  1. That beautiful tree with the purple plume flowers looks just like the one in my front yard! Ours is called a Butterfly Bush, and it really does attract butterflies. But if we don't trim it yearly, it gets humongous!

  2. Thanks, Retta! They are everywhere.... I guess I just never noticed them before!

  3. Beautiful pictures! So glad work is going well for you!!!

    1. I am very happy there. It is good to have a job you love.
      Now I need a laptop AirMac and I will be set!

  4. I was going to say Butterfly Bush, too, but I wasn't 100% sure. They sort of suddenly became popular about 8 or so years ago. We have them in profusion here in SW Utah, too. And they DO grow to be very large. There seem to be 2 colors, too; one purple is much deeper.

  5. This day was cloudy.. so I didn't get the full effect. Soon, though - very soon!


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