29 May 2016


Real Knee-Slapping Humor

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One year later and I still have trouble with bulky items.
Amazon Prime Now delivers in 2 hours!
No more asking neighbors for favors.

Same with laundry.
It is good to not have to beg a friend 
To help with chores, or let me use their washer/dryer

One year ago, I had those 4 dogs break my leg...
What a crazy year it was! And still is.

Having out doing tons of work.... 
Loving it! I take no pain medication -
Except for occasional Advil.

I am loving the dark and rainy days and nights!
It could rain all the time and I would be happy.
Put on some Baroque Music...

Protein Protein Protein
And Sat Fat, Sat Fat, Sat Fat...

So.... now what?

1 comment:

  1. New glasses and new hair cut... who new!
    Onward and downward... yep yep yep


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