29 May 2016

tea and coffee day

Downtown Carrollton
Made to look like an old Town Square

They converted a building to a coffee shop and church

Met with Sherri for coffee and Chai Latte Tea.

Flags out for Memorial Day

Every day is really Memorial Day

These guys are stubborn and won't move!

I had forgotten how GOOD Goat Butter is...
Found this whilst cleaning out the freezer

And of course, good old B & E.

All the bloggers that started with me, back in 2009....
So many of us... Before FaceBook...
So we kept in touch the old-fashioned way...
Through the blogs! So many of us (you actually)
Have had to give up simple sugars! (I already did)

7 years ago, Bloggers would write to me and BEG me 
To eat some Bread, or Veggies, or whatnot...
LOL - I am so glad the tide is turning on Low Carb awareness!


  1. Coffee and tea sounds perfect! I wonder how goat butter tastes? I am sure it is delicious!


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