14 May 2016

wicked dallas

First of all, 
I can never find anything to wear that fits.
I lost so much weight.
Then gained muscle.
Then lost muscle.

Lots of walking.
No cane! But lots of inclines.

The Dallas Summer Musicals (link)

Have you heard of the Grimmerie?
Well... here it is! (link)

Ate at the M (link)

Everything had a Wicked theme, like

I wonder if the TinMan really made this salad?
He did a pretty good job!

Maybe he had some help from Glenda - 
The Witch Of The Eats! 


Well, this IS a food blog, after all!
Also a Wicked blog, a flower blog, 
And the occasional fashion eye brow/ hair blog.

And then, the show.

The Orchestra Pit...
We were on the second row!

Sherri said "Let's take our traditional PlayBill picture."

The end!
What an awesome show Wicked is.
I discover more about it every time I see it.
This was my favorite production so far.
Thanks, Sherri - and happy graduation!


  1. Looks like a wonderful time!!!

  2. Best show I have ever seen!! And such a wonderful night. Anne, you are the best. I love you, my friend, and thank you for setting up such a fantastic evening.

    1. I am so glad you loved it... it was a great night! I love you right back, my friend!

  3. 4 weeks till Phantom Of The Opera... I can't wait...
    I really can't wait!!!!!


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