09 May 2016

7 years good luck

Today is the 7th year anniversary for my dear blog!
Thanks to everyone who has been tagging along and cheering me on!

I love to drive, so no complaints about the distance or the traffic

This happened....
The Tibial Plateau Fracture...
And it's been almost a year
But I am no where near back to "normal"
What ever that is

I have to keep very very very strict control 
Of my blood glucose.
I went up to about 60 carbs when I had the break,
And I gained a few pounds, (expected)
But lost huge amounts of muscle mass -
Despite the heavy protein intake.

New-fangled checks you can deposit by using the phone.
I used some tape because I scrunched it up,
And put it in my pocket - and forgot about it
For a few days. Almost washed it!
Well... there ya go

The day I started out - 
Returning from vacation ....
Only to get stuck in the Grand Canyon....
The trip that started it all.



  1. So happy to have found you and traveled along with you for so many years. Love you, Miss A!

  2. I am glad that you decided to blog and to take us along on your journey(ies). Keep up the good work and enjoy your blogging success.

  3. Love you times a million! You inspire me and many many others. Thanks, Anne
    xoxoxo Cali

  4. Yaayyy, happy blog birthday. 7 years is a long time. Here's to continuing on your path. Bravo for monitoring your glucose and adjusting... take care. Karen P

  5. Congrats! Yours was the first blog I found about LC and it changed my life ! I'm very grateful to you -

    1. There are no words to express how happy this makes me... and how humble I feel about having this honor...
      When people listen... lives change... for the better.... love to you! And I am glad I was part of your metamorphosis!


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