18 September 2014

shop and chop

Pretty days driving around town

Another Trader Joe's is coming

Shopping - seasons style

Sweet Potato Fries

Zoodles -
Spiral cut Zucchini and Yellow Squash with Onions


Mushrooms and Onions for the Steaks

What Steaks? THESE Steaks!

Put it altogether - 
Dinner With Sherri!

Prep With Sherri

We fix a Meal for Monday night,
A Scramble (or something easy)
For Tuesday Night 
So she doesn't have to cook

Then we prep lunches for her
And sometimes for me
For the rest of the week!

Shopping and Chopping takes a few hours,
BUT it is still better than doing it every night -
THIS way, you only clean up once!
And in the morning, you grab and go!

Busy times at work -
They can't keep people for some reason!
My gain - but these long days - 
They are something else!
I have been Getting home and going right to bed.


  1. Shop & chop is the only way to go when you do lowcarb and prepare everything from scratch! I also do big batch cooking...like huge trays of chicken wings, 5 lbs of ground beef pre-cooked & seasoned and big casseroles then bag & freeze. wings-4 to a bag...ground beef I divide into 10 baggies for a quick individual 1/2lb beef meal like pizza, chili or tacos also grabbing more than 1 bag when unexpected guests are around for dinner. Casseroles I divide into individual portions and freeze. With lowcarb it's all in the planning!

  2. Have mercy! All that food looks so good. I just finished making all my lunches for next week. Gotz to be prepared on the low carb. I need to get some sweet potatoes…yours looked so good.

    1. Sadly - yes they did look good... I still can't have them... but they say they were delish!

  3. Oh my. They all look good. Good thing tomorrow is a cheat. Haha


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