07 September 2014

tea and toast

I like to drive - 
Thank Goodness...
I do enough of it

Um.... what?

Lost weight in my shoe laces....lol

Tea and Toast Syndrome...
Little Old Ladies who don't cook for themselves
Just make a simple, handy "meal" of tea, and crackers, or toast....
And call it "good."
Yes - a good way to get malnourished!
I guess this can happen even in LC - 
Too much LC junk food and not enough cooking
Pork Rinds and a handful of nuts is not a meal.

Pork Shoulder

Mint? Hmmm... I wonder if it's any good

Time for new scrubs

In-N-Out with Sherri

My fave - simple Flying Dutchman

Can't take me anywhere

Putting together the drafting chair 
For Sherri's new desk....
Which has not fallen down yet - 
After two weeks!

Suppoisbly it will rain

Fake flowers never need watering.... lol

Time to get these papers in order!
Need to get a cabinet or something to handle 
All the mass of papers -
Since now I am a Home Health Nurse!


  1. You know what I say about all those papers? BURN them! Wheeeee!!! Since when is pork rinds and a handful of nuts not a meal? I will have to take that off my meal plan. ;)

    Lovely pictures and I am jealous of those divine burgers!!!

  2. The desk hasn't fallen down in two weeks - the chair remains to be seen! :)


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