05 September 2014

raw, frozen, grass-fed beef liver

Life on de road.... ugh

Bread makes a great holder


Who builds this stuff?

Country places - very nice

So I went back to Kelly's Grass-Fed Beef (link)

Got a Burger Wrap and GF Beef Liver

And chopped it up into little bits....
Each bit about the size of a pill...
And swallowed about an ounce or so raw and frozen!
So NOT try this with any CAFO beef...
JUST Grass Fed!
Something tells me no too many people will be following my lead here!


  1. I find the liver just sooo gross to handle. Did you chop it frozen? That sounds less.... bloody. I might have to try it your way.

    1. Lyn - yes! chopped it frozen and swallowed it before it got too melted!

  2. Yes to the burger, no thank you to the liver! Nice pics!

  3. I know this sounds gross to many people but many years ago my mom was very anemic and the doctor prescribe grinding fresh liver and drinking it in coke. Now I'm talking 50 plus years. It must have helped cause she just celebrated her 85 birthday and still going strong. Love reading your blog.

    1. Thanks - and yes! My own Mother (who also had anemia) did things like that... in fact, on her (would-be) deathbed, she asked for a plate of Liver... and I thought it was gross - so I told her "No way!"... She lived a few years past that. But I understand NOW what I didn't know then!

  4. My elementary school served liver and onions one day a week. That's the day my mom came to eat lunch with me since my dad didn't want her cooking liver in the house. I'm trying to imagine schools serving that now.


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