19 September 2014

mini meltdown


Threading V Waxing -
Easy and Quick and hurt a bit!

Everyone had a melt down a work at the same time.
So everyone was all chin-wagging....
*Talk Like A Pirate Day, Scalywag*

Then every one kinda stopped....
And now we all have a really good understanding 

Of each other and a better job description!
3 months of this... time to get serious!
*unknown internet  scurvy dog picture*

Lunch. Grub.
It is a very Good Thing

You can't see it - but I outran this train
*not advised*

Perfect ending to a lousy day!

A new place to shop -
Abut 5 minutes from my apartment!
Rubies' Rosemead Market (link)
Fresh-Eggs.... Grass-Fed Beef.... 
Really Nice People - WOW!

It has been just about a year since I moved here!
I just signed another lease.

And what a good year it be, Wenches!

I was asked to go full time at my new job!
Which is wonderful for me!
I am happy for all the work they will throw my way!
No more working 2 jobs!
No more insane schedules!
No more being shark bait for me!

I get 35 cases a week...
Start the day at 9 and end at 5
Home every evening,
Home on weekends....
AND twice the pay - 
My gosh - pinch me!
Avast - arrrgh!


  1. Hey anne, this is going to sound like a strange question...But I was in san antonio for about five days..not quite sure where you are located...but, texas struck me as a bit...insular. How is it, living there. My oldest and I were discussing how difficult it must be, to be anything but a certain way...you can feel the weight of expectation. Or am I way off.

    1. I am not a Texan by birth... but have lived here all my life. I went to college in Kansas. And they profs all said the same thing you are saying. No other state is as proud as Texas. People don't go around saying how proud they are to be a Kansan, for example!
      So yeah!
      It's not as bad as it was a few years ago.
      People still seem to have less respect for people who are not "from here."
      And by the way - I am in Dallas!

    2. PSS
      Texas was once it's own nation - maybe we/they came by it naturally!

    3. PSSS
      Texas is not in the South... no one here thinks of Texas as being in the "South."
      We are not in the Midwest; that is for sure.
      And not exactly the Southwest -
      So geographically (maybe be cause Texas is just no dang-balsted large?) we don't fit in, either!
      A popular saying here is that "Texas is like a whole 'nother state."

      Maybe we are kinda like a "Third Coast".... generally un-catergorizable, like parts of California and New York!

  2. What awesome, wonderful, splenderifous news!

    1. I am overjoyed after a few false starts this past year.
      I have only had 3 Nursing jobs in nearly 25 years...
      Now all this turbulence - sheesh!
      Time to settle down again with a job I can really love!

  3. Congrats on your great year, beautiful apartment, new lease & job stability! Happy for you!
    Don't know what the top 2 pix are and I'm afraid to ask...looks scary EEK! :o

    1. Instead of plucking or waxing, I got my eyebrows THREADED!
      Took about 5 minutes...

  4. hahaha! I know that dog! Thats Nathan from BaldIsBeautiful dog rescue. He's famous for dancing and is called "Dancing Nathan" lol

  5. I love your new picture here on the left, labeled "a Nurse on LoCarb" you look awesome!!

    1. THANKS!
      And thanks for the info on Nathan - he is a trip!


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