29 September 2014

road trip

All packed and ready for a road trip
To San Antonio 
To meet up with some Low Carb Bloggers

Small Texas Towns

Gas Station Selfies

Looks like it might be good weather

But not so much in San Antone

Still fun to be out - even in the rain

At Mi Tierra

 This *is* a Food Blog, after all

Maharishi Band in between gigs

We stayed in the historic Menger Hotel 

Right by The Alamo

A little cafe on the River Walk

Love the Horse Carriages
And always wanted to ride one...
My Nursing School was at the Academy of Health Sciences here
And when I was younger and broke,
I dreamed of a weekend like this!

 Texas Lipstick

Even the trip back was nice
And full of Adventure

River City Grill -
Too hot for me!

Marble Falls had a great shop
I would like to revisit

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt

 The End

Hope you like the pictures!


  1. That was great TY!! But..how were the bloggers---??

    1. http://carbtripper.blogspot.com/2014/09/low-carb-meet-up.html

  2. Despite the rain, it looks like you had a total blast! Great food, lots to see, do and enjoy and one hysterical parking sign!

  3. Now that looks like a fantastic time away! Good food, good friends, and fun times! Wheeee!

  4. My eyes automatically glued to the pictures of the food. Haha. I'm going to treat myself this weekend to a big burger and a platter of fries..that I promise. LOL

  5. Better times ahead xoxoxo


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