23 September 2014

a hard week

Getting Organized -
I say it all the time but THIS time I mean it

Out and Aboot Town

Dinner With Sherri 

Everyone here eats Tex Mex all the time.

The newly opened Trader Joe's in McKinney
They won't know what bathroom to go into up there!

I had a very bad headache this weekend 
And could not work...
All better now!


  1. Gotta say you were a little scary holding that toy gun - like you knew what you were doing or something! I guess Army sharpshooting is like riding a bike - you never forget how. I'm glad nurses are noncombative. :)

  2. good post...glad your head ache is gone.

  3. Boo! A weekend long headache sucks! So happy that it is gone and you are feeling better! Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!

  4. Glad your feeling better :) food looked yummy wish I could have dinner with you and Sherri :)


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