10 October 2014

new peepers

Lots of Double Cheeseburgers in parking lots
Actually - 4 x... this is two doubles... yum
The bottom bun is a holder.... 
Yeah - that's it... a holder

If you want *real* home cooking
Cook at home

Lots to do and see in Big D

Trader Joes knows how to make your day!

New Glasses --
This is the third time in 5 years 
That my vision has improved on Low Carb
And Low PUFA diet!

Thanks, Dr Atkins - and I don't even wear bifocals!
My vision is about the same as it was in 1972 when I first wore glasses
In Middle School 

I skipped work
Actually - I get up so early.. and can't see patients till about 10 am...
And cleaned the apartment!
So much junk! It's great to get rid of it all....
Who knows... new hair cut.. .new glasses... 
You just never know!


  1. New haircut and new glasses! Wheeeee! Rock it out, Miss A.!

  2. You are one lucky gal! Wish I could say the same. Unfortunately family genetics are really horrible in the sight & hearing dept. I think I may have slowed down the degeneration but I'll have to wait & see what the final outcome will be. 12+yrs lowcarbing so I hope I did some good. I'm overdue for an eye checkup but I know I need new glasses badly. My hearing is slowly deteriorating too. I'm still gonna eat my healthy diet though, cause everything else is working good!! Enjoy big D little a double l-a-s!


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