19 January 2013

goat butter

Went driving out in the country - looking at houses for sale.
This had cute lil goats all over the place next door.
The "country" here is a 20 minute drive from the big city...
And 10 minutes from the nearest small town.

Ah - that rustic, rural look!
The ad said it was an acre but there is no way...
I thought an acre was bigger... 
especially if you are the one mowing it!

Meyenberg Goat Butter (link) is just like eating 
heavy whipping cream to me -
omg... too good... and not "goat-ee" at all!
I like it better than I like the KerryGold!

Ribs that were very good

Chili that was awesome

Can't eat bottled salad dressings so much... 
WAY too salty...

Since I was sick, I can't eat nearly half -
Actually - about 1/4 of what I was eating before.
I am full after 2 or 3 ribs.
2 eggs... or (not and) 4 bacons
I have had no coffee in weeks - I just drink herbal tea...
And sometimes some Irish Breakfast Tea!
Still no dairy - that's off the list.
No guarana - I was taking way too many, anyhow.
And no wine! I like being in ketosis too much!
And I love the idea of not eating past 6 pm...
THAT helped more than anything.

Got to get all dressed up and go to a couple
of meetings this week - it was awesome!
Felt Like a Boss!
Can't wait to spill the beans on all my new plans!


  1. Can't wait to see the beans.

    It's so good to have you back and I had Never heard of making butter from goat's milk yet I once fed my family on milk from a friend's goat.

    Wish I knew of someone nearby with goats but they seem to be our of fashion here.


  2. I can't wait to see the beans either! Glad you're feeling like a boss - onward and upwards!

  3. Beans, beans, we want the beans.

    When I was a kid, we raised a couple of goats. We kept no Billy goat, so the milk from the two mama goats we kept was sweet and rich, not "goatie" at all. My Mom made butter from the cream. And you're right... it is SO good!!

    Did I miss the info... why not eating after 6?

    1. I had a a bit of reflux...ended up sleeping upright in a chair!
      It's much better now... but still not gone completely

  4. LIKE A BOSS! Miss K.

  5. I find myself at a loss as to how to get back to the level of restriction I was right after my surgery. You are an inspiration for me for sticking to my plan. Keep going and maybe it will rub off on me.

    1. Thanks, Karen!
      I was sick for nearly 2 weeks... 3, actually,
      as I am just getting over it. So my appetite has not come back.
      Which is fine with me - for now, at least

  6. I normally don't eat after dinner either!
    I've had goat cheese but not butter, I'll have to see if I can find it.
    Glad you're feeling better

  7. Isn't it strange how your diet changed after being sick. Glad you're feeling good though.

    I'll be watching for the beans to spill.

    xoxo jj

  8. Please don't tell me that you:
    Saw the house and goats.
    Bought the farm.
    Milked the goat and churned the butter.
    Roasted Mrs. Goat's husband (hence the ribs) and then made chili with the rest of him!


    I look forward to your bean spilling!


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