13 January 2013

fixing a whole

Takes only a few hours to cook these ribs...

Can NOT eat too much of this... no beuno

Got all kinds of Thermoses... 
Keeps stuff hot for 12 hours...

Not that is would last that long!
But I can take 2 or 3 meals to work with me!

Erma Gersh - Sterk!

Love me some tea... 
Coffee - not so much!
If you told me this a year ago, 
I would have disowned you!

Made a big pot of chili 
Perfect for the cold weather we've been having!

I have the perfect life, the perfect job,
THE perfect food, the perfect everything!

I tell myself  - ANNE - 
Do NOT blow this chance!
(My new job offer, that is)
I am lucky - it came to me twice in one life time....
Most people don't get a second chance...
Do Right and do right!
THAT is what I tell myself!
Soooooo...... Fix That Hole!


  1. why no bueno on the eggs? They look fab, and I eat them daily. lol. life is a gift..always good to look at it like one.

    1. I love the eggs.... but they don't travel too well... need to figure out how to pack them and take them to work... other than Hard Boiled, of course!

  2. Drooling. Over. Dem. Ribs. ;-)

    Hope you are feeling better by now, Anne. That sounded like a rough bout with the icky's.

  3. You are a rock star! Kimberley

  4. As a tea drinker, I found this recipe a while back and have been hooked ever since. Chamomile Tea with Raspberry Leaf. http://www.puristat.com/recipes/chamomile_tea.aspx.


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