26 January 2013

veteran home

So I spilled the beans about my plans to start working
In a Senior Group Home! Yay! (link)
The second half of the beans — is this...

In 2 to 5 years, I could possibly -
Might hopefully - have learned and saved enough
to open my own Residential Care Home - 
Just for Veterans! 
Since I myself am a Veteran.

I am visualizing a little place on some acreage - 
Maybe a garden, maybe some chickens...
Top Notch Nursing Care with organic home cooked meals!
Meals on Real Plates - not plastic school lunch plates.
You know, the ones with the little dividers.

If a Veteran were looking for a place to live -
For a week, a year, or for a longer time...
Might he or she choose a smaller place -
Rather than a large (sometimes crowded) Nursing Home?

Please note - I am not saying all Nursing Homes are bad.
Some are quite good! But if you ain't got the $,
Sometimes, the situation is less than ideal.

I dunno.... on one hand, we have call lights going off,
Industrial Warehousing of Souls, and Bedlam. 

Did you ever know the origins of that word?
"Bedlam" came from St Mary of Bethlehem in London
Which served as a "lunatic asylum."
Today is means a state of wild confusion, or a madhouse.
On the other hand, in a Residential Group Home,
you have a small staff that is (hopefully) not overworked,
And hamburgers on the grill - maybe a beer (if the Doc says ok)...
Big screen TV with the game on, in a Man Cave for anyone 
who likes that sort of thing.. Maybe a walk outside by a little pond...

Who knows - maybe even in time a place for Cows
And Grass-Fed Beef! 
Maybe a goat or two.

So now all the beans are out of the bag!
THAT 2 step plan is what has occupied all my attention
Since late summer...the very idea that
One day I could have something like this!

Now - to work hard on the details....
AND the working of the plan!
We'll see how it all works out!

Oh - by the way - all the pics are from the internet...
Except the windmill... I took that one!


  1. Seriously? This is the ABSOLUTE BEST PLAN EVER!!!

    You rock.

  2. and a lovely plan it is! MUCH NEEDED! I volunteer at a residential place for young vet's with PTSD....it is a temporary stay but I can TRULY see the need for what you have planned! and with your tenacity it will be a reality sooner than you know...

  3. I think that would be an amazing place for Veterans! And you being there to help would be the cherry on the cake :) If you ate cake!

  4. How very exciting. What a great plan! XXXX and best wishes to you!

  5. Oh Wow! I love dreams like this and your plans are wonderful. I'm sure you'll achieve it. Go Anne Go!

    Pity more of us don't go after our passion.


  6. I have 4 close family members who served honorable in the Army, Navy and Marines. Veterans deserve our gratitude, respect and the best of care. Sadly, it's not always what they get.

    I have the utmost respect for your dream!! I can sense the passion and dedication in your words. That's going to be such a great place for them to live... they will be more alive and engaged and healthy living in that atmosphere. This is exciting. :-)

  7. You never cease to amaze me!!

  8. maybe someday I will come there..especially if there are chickens.

  9. What a wonderful place that will be!!

  10. Whoa! That is an awesome idea Anne. Really, really awesome! It blows me away it's soooo cool.
    High five to you!
    xo jj

  11. I didn't know you were a vet...thank you for your service! Your plan sounds great and is really admirable!


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