09 January 2013

better and better

My new companion - Mr Peepers -  sings to me!
Not much of a cuddler- but he'll do

I've been sleeping on the couch mostly -
So I won't get sick...(again)... It seems I have two
different strains of flu - that I caught two weeks apart. 
I didn't even know you could get sick twice like that.
Temp was like 103...I sweated it out - the old fashioned way!
My biggest challenge is keeping hydrated.

Thank Goodness for freezers!

Finally got well enough to have some solid food!
Gas station food at it's finest!
Ate about a fourth of this - saved it like an old lady
saves cookies!

I've had a lot of time to think.... 
I've only been sick a week, but it seems like a month.
I'm in the "weak and shaky" phase right now.
Health is something we don't really notice,
Until it goes away for a while!
Then, suddenly, it is everything!

So I've been thinking - about food, and LoCarb food....
About where it all comes from and what it means -
How food once was - and what a mess our food supply is in now....

What a mess we are in - some of us, more than others!
(Me first!)
Sometimes it seems we have all wandered way off course here.

There really ARE some really nasty "foods" out there,
that probably make us quite sick in general terms.
The Paleo People have it right when they say 
Just Eat Real Food!

I've decided to really take a more active part in
making better food choices.... most people could lose
QUITE alot of weight, if they just stopped eating junk food -
Even Low Carb Junk Food!
Not just quality food, but quantity, too.

I keep going back to Miss Becky ReGandy's blog post 
on eating like a Lumberjack. (link)
Nothing like pointing out the obvious!

And it only took me over 50 years to get it!
Well, here's to the next 50 years!


  1. Not THE fish!!! LOL! JERF. Love it!


  2. This horrid ugly fish had me wishing I had never heard of Omega 3.
    They are actually selling this horrid monster to boost Omega 3 intake.
    Puked in my mouth a little bit on that one.

  3. Thanks for the link to the "I'm not a lumberjack" article... it was fantastic! Exactly where I'm at.

    Feel better fast, Anne!

  4. Hoping to get myself back on the wagon soon on SOME kind of plan. Anything would be better than this complete lack of trying I'm in now.

  5. Glad you are feeling better!!

  6. I got sick and it came back! Must be the year..it's every where...my focus over the next three months is going to be very healthy eating..nutrients, nutrients, nutrients. I love you little bird. Feel Better!

  7. Hope you are on the mend and feel better soon!


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