23 January 2013

little ol' lady house

When I first became a Nurse, 
A patient was "old" when they were 70 years old... 
80 was really pushing it....90 was way up there, 
And reaching 100 years old would get you a blurb on national tv!

Not so much these days.... 50 is the new 30!
And people are healthy and working into their 80s.
Still driving. And living alone.
90 is the new 70... or at least - 75!

Almost everyone I know is caring for an aging parent.
Or knows someone who is.
And it is not easy. They say we are just at the start 
of a Tsunami of Senior Care!
Especially when merged with Hospice and Palliative Care.

Indeed we are going to all find creative ways to
help the Baby Boomers as they age.
Look at this random gov stat about old people, 
if you don't believe me!

Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I spill the beans
on my new future career plans and ideas!
[This is just the first part of the beans.
The next part of the beans are soon to spill.]

For the past 3 months, I have been looking into
How to set up and run a Residential Care Center - 
A Senior Group Home! 

If a person did not want a "warehouse" type living situation,
A smaller group home might be just the ticket!
With more personalized attention, 
And home-cooked meals!

I have been attending meetings, discussing options,
And gathering information - every spare minute of every day.
I will soon be taking a position as a Group Home Nurse!
(Fingers crossed, eh!)

It all started when I became totally disgusted at some of
The DEPLORABLE conditions I have encountered 
in my many years as a Nurse...
I said "Certainly I - even I - could do a beter job that that!"
And I set out to do just that.

So that is what the big secret is all summer long...
All the working long hours and long long weeks.
All the In - N - Out Burgers in the Truck - 
On the way from one job to another...
Lots of stress is involved in setting these big projects up.
Lots of change  - and lots of courage!

The news is so profound, that I lay awake in bed at night,
Drawing up plans and thinking of new ideas.
It is invigorating to plan things - 
Especially big projects like this one!
There is so much good out there - 
It will be great to be part of it all!

All the pictures are from the internet - College Network and Wiki.
Except the little ol sad lady... that's Dear Old Mom!
I think she would have approved.


  1. Oh, what a wonderful, wonderful thing, Anne. So very awesome - finding a way to use your skills, knowledge and passion to serve others as well as yourself. Wishing you all sorts of success in this venture - I think you are right on point as this is surely a growth area - the demand for these types of creative solutions will only increase.

  2. Way to go you!!!!! Anyone who gets to stay at your home will be lucky indeed!

  3. save a spot for my mom! She says I travel wayyyy too much and she needs new friends!

  4. I love this news! LOVE IT!

    I think that people tend to think of "old people" as useless and that they just stick 'em somewhere and wait for them to pass. That's not the way it is AT ALL. I work in a retirement community and the residents there are so beloved by me. They come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds and they're amazing people with fascinating stories. I love 'em and my main goal, every time I go into work, is to make sure they're listened to, loved, appreciated, and well taken care of. I love to see another person (YOU!) who feels the same way about those over 70. We owe it to them to make sure they're comfy, loved, and well-taken care of each and every day. They have SOOOOO much to teach us. YOU ROCK and I'm SOOOO THRILLED for you and those who will be in your care.

    Oh, hugs!!!

  5. Oh way to go Anne! What a great thing to do. Wishing you every success.

  6. You are a tremendous person, Anne. I'm proud to know you. Getting older scares me to death. You make it sound a little less intimidating.

  7. You are just amazing. I know you will make a difference to so many people.


  9. So fabulous. Am glad to know you.

    The world needs more like you.

    Thanks to my daughter, also a nurse, we were privileged to keep my Mum in her home in spite of severe heart problems. She stayed comparatively well and interested in all around and She Was Comfortable and Happy and in Control of her own life. This coming weekend is the anniversary of Mum's death aged 96.

    There were times when I grumbled and became tired but I would not have changed anything. Sadly not all elderly have families who are able to care for them in this way. Your new venture is sorely needed and what an adventure you are on.

    Miss Anne H, You Rock.


  10. Challenge... Accepted. (Love, Jamie)

  11. Wishing you ALL GOOD THINGS! What an incredibly awesome goal

  12. I have to agree with ALL the good words here... this is so awesome. I'm looking forward to hearing more as time goes by. How exciting for you!

  13. Great Idea.. You will be fabulous!

  14. How exciting! And wonderful and all the things everyone else has said! I'm very excited about this next adventure for you. I wish you all the success you can handle :)

  15. So happy for you! see you in May and I'll expect a full report.

  16. Sounds like a fantastic idea Chick. I hope it all goes well.


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