10 January 2013


Two Kinds of Flu
"Upstairs" and "Downstairs" and
They met in the middle - of my little Body!

Took my Vitamin B12 and perked up like a daisy!
It really was nearly "miraculous".... Stopped taking the Zantac 
Cus I ran out and didn't feel like getting out to get more....
Read a post about vitamins from Miss Roxie - (link)
And remembered I have not taken my B12 in months - if not years...
I was getting all the B vits I needed - from Monster drinks!
Once I quit drinking them, it was just a few weeks,
And I was pretty much wiped out.
We take out good health for granted.
This Pernicious Anemia I have -
I hope I never underestimate it again!

Off to fix the hair, make some broth,
and save the day!

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