27 June 2012

almost home

Eating lots of this

1... too hot to cook.... and
2... too busy!

Drinking lots of this

Some of this - pork rinds with sour cream
Cream Cheese works here, too

They know my first name here....

Triple Triple, Animal Style, Protein Style

Fajita Mix without the wrap of course...

Cheese Wraps... deli meat...
LoCarb 101

All these weeks of danger and business,
and I never once went off my plan.
Unless you count the indulgence of a
glass or two of wine.

Almost back to business as usual!


  1. These words ring true for me too, "almost back to business as usual..." give me a week and I'll be there ;)

    Oh yeah, that Food looks mighty tasty!!

  2. The next time I go to I-N-OUT, I think I'm gonna try a 3x3 protein animal with whole grilled onions... Though I might ditch the animal style part after I've tried it a few times. Don't really like mustard and pickles. Worth a try though... I think I like original style better.

    Hey, have you tried whole grilled onions, Anne??? they grill a whole thick slice of onion YUMMY!!! Maybe they'll add it to your next animal...

    1. I love onions, but / and I have to watch them... too many carbs...
      I am trying to stay as close to ZERO carb as I can...
      Induction is MUCH easier that way....
      Let's see.. this makes my 4th or 5 th time around the block?
      Ain't no shame in that game.... Atkins said to whip it out and use it
      as often as you need it..... Induction, that is!

  3. Food porn! :D Made my mouth water! I am amazed how people say they cannot "do low carb" because they have to eat out all the time. It CAN be done.

  4. I LOVE bun less burgers! Yummo :)

  5. My hat is off to you... after all this stress lately, and you didn't go off plan. Except for the wine... medicinal purposes, of course. ;-) Great job!!

  6. Good on you for staying on track. I like the idea of a cheese wrap!

  7. Just stopping by to say hi. I'm still reading although I don't comment much.

  8. Hi! I read your blog 2 years ago when I was blogging . . . Back and glad to find you :)

  9. Good to see you here. Glad to hear you're coping with the heat and doing well inspite of being busy.


  10. Could all of this meat look any tastier? I think not! Superb.

  11. Out in the blogsphere you see all these ppl either quitting red meat or going on a 'no red meat' challenge.......lol....right, LOL! No red meat.....


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