15 June 2012

back from the lost

Eating out lots... too busy to cook -
In N Out Animal Style - Protein Style - Triple Triple

And lots of Ribs and Brisket and BBQ

Lots of Monsters.... and protein mix
Just like old days

Driving around - like a lost little puppy in the alley...
Got a hair cut - it helped some

Went to a DFW area LoCarb MEAT up  -
"Friends of Bob A"

We went to the Brazilian Cowboy in Plano...

The awesome Becky (aka Low Carb Diva)
And I stopped by the big City of Garland's
Bluegrass Stuff

Lots of Fun

We went to Reunion Tower - 
That is where you take people when they come to visit Dallas

So.... the past month - I was all like this....
And now.... I am all like THIS!

Love me some Dallas... and Lo Carb
And you all!


  1. You look amazing!!! It's so great to have you back. What's going on with your north of the border trip?

  2. Those two pics of you had me laughing...in one it looks like you blew a gasket (or two!) and in the other you are peace itself.

    I want to go to the Reunion Tower!

  3. Its official. I HAVE to have ribs for dinner tonignt. LOL!

  4. You are looking good, Anne. I've missed you. I took my blog private because of some ugly comments but would like you to still be able to visit. If you will send me your email address, I will send you and invitation. You can reach me on Facebook or at karen ogle 133 at charter.net

  5. We heard about the damaging hail storm in your area yesterday. I was thinking of you and hoping you weren't caught out in it.

    Nice to see you smiling after the rough times.


  6. Hi Anne, Glad to see you back. You've been busy!!! And of course, you look marvelous!
    xoxo jj

  7. Looking good! I was thinking about you today - glad to see your o.k. Got my hair cut too :)

  8. That was a lot of fun. You are a good hostess, Mz Trip. Repeat required.

  9. Glad to see ya sweet lady :)

  10. WOW, it sounds like you had a great time.


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