07 June 2012


Whilst driving to meet a LoCarb Cruise Friend
 Ramona, my lil Trucky just died. DIED!
I had slammed on the brakes, and a Gallon of Water 
I had on the front seat  - hit the floorboard SOOOOO hard, 
That it set off the "Inertia Button."
Ford Rangers have a button that shuts off the supply 
to the Fuel Pump.... in the event of a crash.
Or in my case, a water bottle smash.

So Ramona met me, and drove us all around.
Dallas is a great city - I love it.
BUT, there just aren't alot of WOW things to do here.
No beach, no river walk, no mountains....
We went to White Rock Lake... and White Rock Lake Coffee!

Then, under the watchful eye of our Beloved Pegasus (link)
We went to the Farmer's Market and ate lunch...
I didn't bring my camera...because every time the phone rings,
I have a mini - conniption fit... And that is just not right.
So just imagine a big pile of meat - from the Chicago Style Deli.
It was great!

We also went to Thanksgiving Square...
And Dealey Plaza.... And all that Kennedy stuff.
It was a pretty cool "Dallas" type day.

Half way through the day, I finally stopped 
Stuttering and Being Lost. 
But only after I got totally lost and had Ramona
Drive us around for an extra hour or so...
My bad! But getting better....fingers crossed!

And Trucky is fixed - and back in service...
Do drive another day... with no junk in the trunk...
Or floorboards!


  1. Thank YOU for a great day, Anne!! Looking forward to next time I get to hang out with you!!

  2. That same thing happened to my mom with her Ford - she threw a big bag of ice in the trunk and shut off the gas line...bizarre, right?

    Anyway, I'm sorry to hear things have been rough for you lately.

  3. Oh I hope it doesn't come down to that!

    Maybe just make it private and share only with those you want to??

  4. I like anonymous blogging,,,,, gives you more freedom to be open and relaxed.

  5. I'm with Spunkysuzi... if you make it private and share, please share with me.

  6. Whats this about private??? I didn't read that part..?

  7. After all the recent stress, I'm glad to read that you had a fun day. Well, except for the weird thing that poor Trucky went through! And, I LOVE that photo with the spiral stained glass above you two... gorgeous!

  8. Ok, so after reading your post I wonder if Infinity was really our "lost in Houston" problem. Maybe it was you! LOL

    Love you! ;)

    Susan aka Ladybug

  9. Blogs still here! Yaaa
    Glad you had a lovely day with Ramona.

  10. Hmm, I don't know if I would want a truck that dies on purpose.

  11. Wow, the truck just stopped. I never heard of that switch but you can be sure I won't be stashing my heavy stuff on my front seat anymore just in cue it does. Yikes. Glad Ramona was able to pick you up and still have a day together.
    Have a great weekend, xo jj

  12. Thinking of you.

    I noticed you aren't posting as often. I hope you are well.


  13. Hey Anne!
    Glad Trucky is back together. Did not know about your A fib. My hubby has that, too. Hope things are okay with you. Notice you are not posting as much. Be well.

  14. WOW, you don't sit still much do you. I should get out more and do stuff like that.


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