05 June 2012

hi, girlfriend!

My little yappy Gurl Friend - Annie the Wonder Dog -
has been missing me....

I was all like.... grrr.... now I'm all like ...yay!

No more A Fib or missed beats...
By BP is low.... this is after 2 monsters!

So I went to this place

Lookin good, eh?

It was! I had about a pound of meat...
And it cured my condition....
Which might have been just hunger.
I haven't been eating - 
My new reaction to stresssssss...
Who knew!
Thanks for all the people who have been checking on me!


  1. Meat is the cure,
    that is fer sure.
    Don't skip the beef,
    and eat a green leaf.
    Fuel the beast,
    Have a feast!

  2. That looks good!! You take care of yourself, Ms. Anne!!! Hugs

  3. Mmmmmmm, sausage.

  4. I hope the source of the stress is on the decrease!
    Glad you are feeling better now, Anne. :-)

  5. Annie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give her a pet from me :)
    OMG that bbq looks good!

  6. LOL!! Annie's Human looks a little like my Dad!!

  7. Hope you are less stressed. Stress is a funny thing - it affects everyone differently. For me, a little stress and I reach for chocolate - a lot of stress and I don't eat at all...yet either way those cortisol hormones go crazy and I gain weight either way.

  8. Yummy... I eat when I'm stressed.

  9. I eat too! I use everything as an excuse to eat if I'm not careful. Glad you are doing better. :)

  10. I'm glad your afib and missed beats have disappeared. It must be the time of year, because mine are still hanging around. Annie is a cutie!

  11. That looks really good. I haven't had any Texas BBQ in a long time. NC BBQ is pretty good too though.


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