18 January 2020

one more week

I can sneak in anywhere. 
Blend in. Fit in. 
I’m like a Liquid Mary Poppins. 
I need very little to make my life work. 

Probably all that Army training. 

I talked to the night nurse 
And we got it straight about
The beeping of the machines. 

I stayed the night 
To get 2 extra hours sleep. 
And I have food. 
Tons of food. 
Soup, some deli meat,
Pete’s Yogurt. Coffee. 

The nurses here 
all have their nuts in a vice. 
They don’t ask for what they need
Upfront. Because they think it’s too much. 
So they lie. 
Like the nurse who said 
she’ll be back in a week. 
But already had her plane ticket in hand. 
Hmmmm. Why lie? 

When I take vacation,
2 weeks is not enough. 
3 weeks is not enough. 
I resent having to come back early. 
I gave notice that my vacation 
Is to be one full month.
We have half a year to train
 Nurse if need be. 
Now go on- git outta here. 
I’m resting. 
And hiking. 
Fuck off! 

I’m doing 80 hours for many weeks. 
I’m already a team player. 
No life - work balance. 

Now schedule accordingly 
And let me go at my own pace. 
I guarantee I’ll win.   

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