27 January 2020

off days

I cancelled all my appointments 
For today and will just chill. 

The trip. 
There’s some criss-crossing. 
But basically this. 
My little Subaru gets 
About 500 miles per tank. 
400 with the AC (and mountains) 

The river raft trip. 
My mother took one in Denver
When she was 60. 
Her job went to Colorado 
For an aging seminar. 
She fell in during a rapid crossing
And the guide just scooped her out 
Like a puppy- she always said. 
Mine will have no such rapids. 

The Continental Divide
As seen through The Rockies. 

Denver is on one side. 
The river raft tour is on the other. 
That makes sense. 

Why not see a show?
DCI is active in Denver. 
Drums Along The Rockies. 
I’m going there with an old 
High School friend. 
A drummer, in fact. 

We’re going to eat and play 
And gossip about everyone. 

I realized I don’t like my patient. 
He’s a kid and I love him. 
But I don’t like him. 
Well, not all the time.
I don’t always like his behavior. 

That was causing all kinds of guilt. 
These kids get into puberty 
And the hormones are raging
If they’re a quadriplegic-
There’s no place for that energy to go. 

My other case did the same thing. 
But I must say- 
Boys are 10 times tougher. 
This is my first boy case. 

And guess what! 
It’s OK that I don’t like it. 
I just do my job
And let him work 
Through the paces. 

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