16 January 2020

idiot day

No more staying at work. 
The fucking stupid night nurse 
Let the alarms beep all night. 
If you hear an alarm, treat it. 
If it’s a false alarm,
Simply turn the fucking machine off. 

How dare you keep the family 
Awake to worry them or 
Make yourself look more important. 
Fucking worthless idiot. 

Rant over. 

Lobster Bisque. 
My go to food now. 
The cream bases are easier 
for me to eat 
With no pain. 

Sitting waiting for the night nurse. 
This happened. 
She was late and she lied. 

Got some freeze dried berries
For my Pete Yogurt. 

On and off again. 
This case is like pulling teeth 
out from my fucking skull. 

It’s all or nothing. 
It’s like being in a room with Donald Trump. 
It’s always something and it’s usually a shake up. 
I leave here every day ready to quit.
I want the roller coaster ride to stop. 
Just stop. Fucking maniacs. 

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