05 October 2016


Called out to do a Foley change at 4 am...

Coming back - more traffic and waiting...
A snarl of heat, and construction, 
And 2 hour drives in a Red Sea of Taillights and waiting. 
I just decided to make a change.

I drove to the apartment, and got the title to Trucky,
And went directly to a Subaru dealer...
To auction off my soul... for the next 5 years.

I walked in, and was overwhelmed - 
I felt as though I had finally found My Tribe.
This has a tent attached!

The bathrooms are equipped....lol

I like Subaru as a company -
They seem to be independent from the Big 3,
And have a real touch for the contemporary issues -
Like Marriage Equity, and Dogs. (link)

I always say that if you don't ask, the answer is always NO.

So I went in for a test drive.
I live in Dallas, but this aspect of Far North Dallas 
Is annexed into Collin County.
(My uncle did that, actually!)
So they shopping is pretty fine.

And there it sat. A Subaru CrossTrek.
Close out model. Just a few left on the lot.

Out with the old - 
Thanks, Dearly Beloved Trucky 
For many adventures

And look at this - a sun roof

Automatic Transmission
And all kinds of features they just didn't make 14 years ago...

I felt a little old talking with the sales person...
Back-Up Cameras, and Continuously Variable Transmission...
BlueTooth Handst-Free calling, and getting to hook the iPod up etc.. 
After all.... Trucky had windows that you roll up and down - by hand!

I had the SalesPerson drive me around at first,
To see how comfortable the ride was.
When I have knee surgery, I will need many rides.
And I had to see if I can get in and out with no trouble.
This sits a little lower, but still no bathtub seating.

Sweet ride!
With a 10 year warranty!
This dealership also washes your car free...
And they do all the service free for the first few years.

I think I am going to like this!



  1. I love the tent - our family could use that!

  2. I love the whole thing! As if to confirm that I had made the right choice, as I was driving off the lot, Beethoven's Fifth came on. I turned it up pretty loud, and just sat in the parking lot for a while, just enjoying the whole experience. It was wonderful. I've never felt so good about a major purchase!

  3. I am looking into getting a Subaru as my next purchase. In a few years though. :)

  4. Very nice! Congratulations! There's nothing like that new-car smell in the nose and Beethoven's Fifth in the ears (at the same time! Woo hoo!)

    I have been thinking of buying an Outback. It takes me a long time to decide though, so maybe it will be electric with a 500 mile range by the time I decide. Or maybe self-driving. Or maybe both. I love their commercials, too. So keep us posted with frequent Subaru updates, that way I can get a real-world opinion before I plunk down my hard-earned dough. Also, I have three dogs, so maybe you can borrow some of your furry friends and take 'em for spin to see what they think. But be sure to tell them not to shed in your brand new car!

  5. One of the real reasons I held out so long with the Ranger
    Was that my mother and I Pinky Swore that my next car would be non-fossil fuel.
    Back in 2002, Fuel Cells looked like a doable thing.
    Then Hybrids, or Full Electric. Or Tesla. Or something!
    She hated that war is now about oil, and hated us all being dependent on oil -
    Foreign or Domestic.
    So THIS is a pretty good decision - from all the choices out there.


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