11 October 2016

auto body experience

The nice Family of People at Subaru
Were most upset to hear about my wreck!

Geico jumped right on it

So no sunroof for a bit

The Subaru might have saved my life - 
The Truck might not have crumpled like this --
And who knows where I would have ended up
After a 40 MPH rear end collision!

Jeeps are loud!
Glad I didn't get one!

Finally nice enough to eat on the patio

Went to see my old neighbors on the way to the Body Shop

Just in time for Fall!


  1. Glad you are all good and the Subaru peeps were right there for you :)

  2. Just found your blog! Beautiful flowers! I have a brown thumb!

    1. I am so glad to find you as well! Hope you like it here... pull up a chair and have some coffee!


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