26 October 2016

quitters sometimes win

Sometimes it is not that we can't do a job,
Sometimes it is a wrong match from the start.

For example, 
I once had to quickly abandon my dreams to become
A Nurse Pole Dancer.

Too much competition from people who have seen the musical Rent.

In a few weeks, SOMEONE will know 
They backed the wrong horse...
For better or worse.

REAL Hospital "Food" 
And they wonder why people can't wait
To escape that form of "hospitality"...

Real Office Food... 
Mmmmm leftovers

Good choices, even though it IS PUFABird
Low Fat has a place in Low Carb... especially at first.
But only if you want to drop pounds.

I did indeed back the right horse when I chose Low Carb!
Despite the Carb Lovers telling me I would die,
And fail, and how we can't live without Bread, and Candy.
Yep. And oh yes... My Kidneys would "asplode." 

So the other day, when I quit a case 
- It was just too heavy... I pulled a muscle in my back -

The Dear Mom Tested me this - "Bye, Felcia!" emoji.
And I KNEW I had made the right choice.
A long-term relationship has enough history 
To "earn" a little sarcasm or anger
When our choices don't please other people.
But short-timers... not so much.

For some reason, the Client's Mom asked me to skip Phantom.
Such an important night for me.
Why would anyone ask me to miss it?

Now. Tickets sell out in like 15 minutes for this.
I bought mine in June. At 2 am. I was nearly too late.

Oh yes.... the Naysayers will say there are still tickets available
The night of the show. But not good ones... and not 2 seats together.
So, I am struggling to find the right words here...
But .... no... just no... !!!
And no guilt. We have to learn to try and then adjust...
And do it without guilt. 

There is so much more to weight loss 
Than just watching carbs or calories.
It is a full recovery / sobriety program!


  1. Learning to Love Ourself -
    It is the greatest Love of all
    xoxoxo Cali

  2. "People that saw 'Rent' " LOLOLOL



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