18 October 2016

change is in the aria

Lots of stress

Lots of good food

No one can say that I am not on point!

Oh yes.. and my hair turned red.

Not sure why... but it is Mahogany Red for sure.

Happy Birthday to Chuck!

Went with an old Nurse Buddy to an Uber class

Got the new car repaired....
They want good numbers... 
(Can't blame them)
But they didn't plug back up the brake light... 
That meant another hour-long trip....
They fixed it, though... thank goodness!

Meat and a Salad. Good combo. Never gets old.

Pediatric Nursing is where I seem to belong...
When I am not doing Hospice or Home Health...

Bosses Day... I bought the bags and wrap...
I think I did ok!

They had quite the lower carb spread!
Watching carbs is a current thing in my office.

This pic won't turn the right way no matter what I do!
Rocking the socks

Burning sage to rid the Evil

More good food

My new set of friends like how I am growing a set...
...Of Balls...

I told the new boss the new case was too hard...
(What have I got to lose?)
I insisted on better repairs... 
(The brake light was out...)
And I sent some junk back on Amazon....
Again... what have I got to lose?
What are they going to do?
Come to my house and argue with me?

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  1. It is just turning red in the back. Odd. Maybe my diet?


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