05 October 2016

don't text and drive

Yep - it's still there!

Almost done with my patients...
Trekkie (her new name - thanks, Susan!)
Trekkie got rear ended while I was stopped at a traffic light

The back bumper just crumpled.

The person who hit me was a young girl...
Maybe old enough vote... maybe...

The hard plastic mudflap just caught and rubbed the tire.
I tried to bend it out by hand, but all i managed to do
Was to get covered with grease.

Along came a Good Samaritan who took off the flap,
And pushed this panel back into place.
Added some 100 mph tape for good measure.

I did not know the dashboard is red.
That is a bonus!

A nice dinner and then home with a mild case of whiplash!
And plans for a better day.

This is why we can't have nice things. 


  1. So glad no one (especially you!) was seriously hurt! It is PITA though!

  2. Glad you're OK! What a pain to get your car banged up.

  3. Glad you are okay, and always a reminder of not texting and diving. My teen is learning how to drive this Fall...... sigh. She's pretty aware.

  4. Glad you weren't hurt. The same thing happened to my daughter a few weeks ago..I was sitting in my comfy chair blogging, and my 31 year old daughter was heading to a class (she's an R.N., hoping to be a NP in a few years)...she stopped for construction but the girl behind her did not stop...Em's car crumpled, front and back. She was quite shaken up, but not hurt..her car was totaled, so she bought a new Subaru Crosstrek! She loves it. Anyway, I love your blog, and I'm glad you're okay.


  5. Thanks, everyone for your kind words!
    I drove over 16,000 miles last year alone... and about the same before that.
    I think of myself as a professional driver who is also a Nurse.
    Up till now I have only ever had a few small-town tickets.
    I'm already glad my new car gave such excellent protection!

  6. So sorry about Trekkie's accident. Hope you're doing well and that Trekkie will just like new in no time. My son has a new vehicle and was cut off, in Dallas traffic, and the guy got scared when my son called the police and jumped in his car and sped off. Fortunately my son wasn't hurt...just his feelings. His Truckee will be fine. Take care of yourself now. Keep us posted on Trekkie's and your progress.

  7. Always be careful while travelling okay?

  8. Those Millennial kids wth cell phones..... they think they rule the roost, no?


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