29 October 2016


But first, dinner at 
The Little Red Wasp

I wanted PotStickers

Sherri and I get two different things
And split them

You get to try new things that way

Corned Beef Reuben Sandwich

Ye Olde CheeseBurger

Fort Worth is not like Dallas

The blocks are small

And there is plenty of room for pedestrians.
Older (and older style) buildings in FW.

Sundance Square for some people watching

The population of Dallas is nearly double
The population of Fort Worth.
FW seems more progressive, as well. 

FW is home to many museums and art groups.

And finally... The Bass Performance Hall
Right there. Walking distance. 

The Bathroom Stalls at the Bass

The Bass is small, and very intimate 

Out typical program pose!

Met a new friend after the show!
All kinds of good things happen in the LoCarb world!
Thanks, Elaine, for meeting us after the show!

Phantom Of The Opera was an awesome show -
World Class! I just could watch it all day.

Ahhh the rooftop scene... 

A splendid time was had by all.
I have waited for this for so long!


  1. I enjoyed this trip via your photos and story :)
    Thanks hon!

  2. I absolutely love the architecture.

  3. Great pix as always. Love Phantom and live theater in general :) Haven't seen Sherrie in a while. I may have missed something but are you eating carbs again or is it just a once in a while type thing?

    1. No on the carbs.. every now and then I will have a 50 or 60 grams...
      PotStickers not withstanding... I never had them and I wanted to try them!
      It is interesting but I do very well with a Higher Carb day about every other week.
      Most of the time I keep it in the 20 to 30 range.... if I have any at all.
      I am still recovering from my broken leg, and doing some strength training and muscle building.
      Carbs seem to be protein sparing for me :)

      And yes - Phantom was just beyond words!

    2. Thanks for the reply! I understand occasional higher carb days, I was just curious (nosey). I do have higher carb items but very rarely. I had an egg roll last week. I've been doing this so long I think it goes unnoticed by my body :) Glad your leg is on the mend. Take care!


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