19 June 2016

out by the horses

The horses jump in the water -
Well... cows, too!

It just so hot here!

This is Pete - 
The Giant Rooster
They had a Garage Sale where Pete lives...
And I scored some nice picture frames

This poor Horse is obviously being interrogated 
By the Central Horse Agency
For grimes against horsenannity...
I wanted to help... but I thought it would be best 
If I just walked away...

People here drive without shoes...
And they all stick their feet out the window... 
Or door... If they had a door...

The sign says "Quit Looking At me"


Horse Beaters and Horse Butt Stickers

Horse Mouth Holders

So many of these all around!

 A pleasant, gorgeous, peaceful night was had by all!

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  1. Lots of roosters! Love the beautiful pictures you take, Miss A!


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