24 June 2016


Funny Stuff - 
Why people stillest carbs and junk
When they just get sicker and sicker

Found this at an estate sale

My tastes in decor are like a Nursing Home.
I guess it's better than having Army cots all around

Don't cry too much over spilled coffee... lol

Cool name for a subdivision 

A heaped up mass of rumpled dirty clothes
Just like my life right now.
But colorful and still kinda not too bad.

I got kicked out from a hiking place - 

It was a government place and I did not know

Got kicked out from here too - 
I asked to use the Ladies Room 
And they went off the rails - 
So I left...
Tension around the place is so thick - 
You can cut it with a fork

Speaking of cutting it with a fork - 
Yummy food this week 

Cowboy Chicken in Denton is a local favorite 

Amish Butter is new *big* thing.
Rustic packaging....
Big unformed clumps -
I wonder if it is grass fed... etc...

Traffic and construction and heat -
Oh My!

This is my face.
Determination - or just a bitch?

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