13 June 2016

raining days

Some high-paid designer said 
"Let's put a bench somewhere.
Yes... we NEED a bench.
One of those old-fashioned ones."

This is what Lewsiville is a cool city 


More festivities in the fair city of Lewsiville!
They have a lot of working class slobs (like me).

Mr Seymour Buttocks is really making his way around.

I never noticed how hilly the Denton area is -
And how many rivers and streams and creeks are all around.

Keep your battery terminals clean!
It is all about Preventive Maintenance. 

Cows are loving the extra rain we have had.

Scored this in a garage sale,
While waiting to see a patient.
Flower Mound is where you want to go to garage sales.
They have the fancy stuff there!

Sudden Spring / Summer showers
And lots of traffic snarls - and flat flooding

I have found the most ugliest dwellings in Denton!

They looked liked bears at first.

I am having country days.
Did you notice?

They say Death and Taxes are the only certain things.
Well, they can keep a person on Life Support for a long time.
And there are corporations who don't pay much tax at all.

So add to that list Traffic and Construction.
Because I think it will never get done. 

It does not get more "country-fied" than this.
A covered wagon at the lake.

A delightful grilling session - 
MMMM Hamburgers!


  1. Preventive Maintenance.... that sounds like a nurse thing :)


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