28 June 2016

good thoughts, good words, good deeds

Zoroastrian Center of North Texas

One place charges nearly $20 a day to bring meals
Already paid for buy the living plan - 
To bring them to the rooms at a facility...
So many people just eat cookies and junk ...
Tea and Toast

Not so much me any more!
I am back to cooking good protein every day
Tea and Collagen and Meat

Scored this at a garage sale for $4
Now I have some utensils to take to work
Because you know... they all have to match...
Or else....

Gah- too long


So hot out - CoFlex wrap is melting

Freaking rain already!

The neighbors are cooking 
And I brought some goods  -

Not a bad way to spend some time...

More to come - 
More to come....


  1. You don't look 51. You look GREAT! Keep doing what you do. You are rocking the house!

  2. Ah - thanks!
    That would be because I am 55.
    Soon to be 56! lol

  3. They had bed bugs in Denton ... and the heaters were turned up... in summer....
    To 100 degrees... that is why the wraps melted....
    And here I thought it was just bad luck....


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