24 May 2015

amon carter

Ah - Fort Worth - the other side of DFW

Lunch at Chuy's


 ... and after

Untouched - lol

Off to a museum

Cats. They never change. 

O'Keefe in Fort Worth

This missing O'Keefe

And in case you a re wondering - yes -
It is ok to take pics -unless the little sign says
That particular piece can't be snapped

This BBQ Briefcase would be fun!

Coffee again - yay!

And Ribs

Can't wait to go back!

I think Fort Worth worked hard to have Art and Culture....
Not just Cows and Cow Town stuff- they succeeded!


  1. Fort Worth has some great culture and great museums! Thanks for the reminder to visit cowtown again soon.

  2. ACK!!! You were here?? Dangit!! I would have bought you and Sherri lunch if I'd known!!

  3. DANG IT! I want to go back - it would be a blast to meet up!


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