18 May 2015

time flies

Spring Showers - sure are fun

Be prepared

LOL - from the World Wide Web

Most of Half of a Year -
Just Gone - 

Get you stuff and jus-go

Debel in the powdered egg whites!

 Mother's Day Candy on clearance

Nope - just nope

My old addiction

My new addiction -
Egg Drop Soup made with Beef Broth

Cream Cheese (one package)
4 Eggs and Sweeter or Cinnamon - Vanilla
As You Like It

Intrepidly, I crawled in the window 
To get my laundry done!

Whatever this is, Trucky does nutlike it

People in the office eat this -
Poor Things

A handy way to carry groceries-

No Dinner With Sherri -
I was sick -
So we had lunch instead!

Sometimes I wish I had a sponsor 
Who paid me to sit home and blog all day!

But alas, alack - nope!
I am a Real Live Nurse who has to shop,
And work like a Dogg (sometimes)
And do the dishes and
Figure out fings like:
How many carbs are too many,
And how to install the new OS on a Mac,
And how many miles is it to Kaufman,
And how many hours sleep will I get 
If I crash Right.This. Minute!
Onward and Downward (as they say)!


  1. Time sure does fly, Miss A!!! Thanks for sharing your life!

  2. xoxoxoox from the Big Apple honey !


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