02 May 2015

eating all week long

What an awesome week this was - all I did was hangout and eat...
Did a wee bit of work, Signed off on a few work forms...
And took it easy!
All weeks should be this nice!

I had lunch with a friend and she thinks 
I have lost too much Subcutaneous Fat.
I tend to agree.
I wonder if the low PUFA diet has 
Anything to do with reduced SQ fat storage?

Just between you and me,
I am not so sure about the PUFAs anymore.
All of the studies were done in a high carb environment.
So no one really knows anything about them.

Ordered some more labs to see if my anemia levels
Are better! YAY for Direct Labs!
I wanted to order a CRP but I took some advil 
Recently when I cut my head (ugh) 
So the levels would not be accurate....
Or *would* they? 
The world may never know!

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