20 May 2015

smooth ride

I try to do my labs about every 6 months... (link)
To see how wonderful they are on Low Carb...

My iron was low, so we'll see if I corrected it!

Just sayin'

Many times (sadly, not very time)
When you are in trouble,
A good diet can correct a multitude of errors.
At the very least, a good diet won't hurt any of us!

Ah -the every popular Tobacco and Chicken!

What ever THIS is - it is giving Trucky  absolute fits!

The nice people from Enterprise will come and pick you up indeed!
(And no, I don't work for Enterprise!) 

They gave me this smooth ride so I could get my hairs done
The timing is just horrid, though...
Trying to start a new job - yikes!
Horrid, but do-able.

Thusly... Ready for a summer of working my butt off!


  1. Hope Trucky is better soon! Love the new hairdo!

  2. Mmm, tobacco and chicken for dinner. Get well soon, Trucky!

  3. Hi Anne,

    Well done with your journey.

    You look as though you have done incredibly well

    1. THANKS! Comments are my fave treat! <3 I like to think I have it under control, but I never take for granted that I am ever completely out of the proverbial woods! :)


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