09 May 2015

blog-a-verse (ary)

Today is the day I started my hip hop happy
LoCarb blog - in 2009!

I didn't even know what a blog was !
What fun! Meeting and knowing all the "Old School" Bloggers -

Some of them gained - some maintained -
Some you would have thought would do well --
Some of us have died!
What a great group  of friends we all make!

Fun at the store

These are SF Cupcakes from Pillsbury -
From a box - made with Splenda - 
Six years ago, you could not find this in the stores!
The more people are cutting out sugar - 
We are really driving up demand!

I even found Swerve in the baking section at the store.

Dinner With Sherri -
Still like to keep it simple while trying new things

This is Low Carb 1-2-3 Bread 
From a great blog Low Carb, So Simple! (link)

6 years ago, there were a little group of dedicated LC bloggers,
And a few great recipe sites -
Everywhere you look it's Low Carb -Paleo - Primal - Keto
Low Carb/ High Fat
Gluten Free this and that! 
SO MANY good really great recipes out there...
And more are getting on board every day!

At the end of the day, everyone (just about) realizes
That sugar is not a friend of the dieter!

Yuk - took it back!
Get out - you nasty yucky vile sugar!

My new thing is hamburgers with
Fish Sauce - but not just any fish sauce ...

Must be this kind
Hard to find - but worth it!

I dried this in the fridge for 5 days
On a rack - 

It was pretty good - 
Next time I try it, I will add more spices

So yay! Life is good!
I still am wild about LC!
I love maintaining and learning 
And beating the odds!
*Here's to 6 more hip-hop-happy  years!*


  1. So glad I found you, Miss A! Congratulations!!! <3

  2. Congrats on your blogaversary! Been here since pretty early on. Through jobs, apartments, new ventures and sizes :) Love your down to earth style and how you fill it with fun!
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Congrats to you and my thanks - I found your blog and learned about LCHF..and it changed my life :) Hugs and love to you Anne and many more years of fun and great health

  4. I am flattered and humbled and so much appreciate all the love and support in the blogs!

  5. Congrats! So glad I got to meet y'all in Texas last Spring!

  6. I too love that there are so many good paleo recipes everywhere now.

    The point of the Paleo diet is, and I feel some people forget this, to not only diet, but to eat delicious foods at the same time. It's the only diet I've come across that cuts out food groups, yet still focusses on everyone's need to eat great food.

    I'm a real foodie, and would not survive on any other diet, but Paleo has been very good for me. I've written about one of my favourite cookbooks: http://cookbook-reviews.net/review-the-paleo-recipe-book/

  7. Time flies - but you look younger! LOVE your blog - thanks for all that you so generously share.

  8. thanks to everyone who has been there all along - and for everyone who just joined me! Through THICK AND THIN - lol Love and Low Carb to all! <3


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