01 June 2015

a friend in kneed

Get a job walking dogs, they said... It will be fun, they said!
During the interview, 3 big dogs knocked me down from behind.
And I fell forward onto (and over) a Pit Bull.

So I called Sherri and she took me to the ER in the pouring rain

Keep in mind, this type of knee injury can make a football player cry!

So I am doing my Rehab, day-by-day...

You really find out who your real friends are

The knee is very complex...

And lots of Law and Order


  1. Hope you feel better & that your knee mends fast!

  2. Keep on healing, Miss A! Glad you have Miss Sherri to help you out!

  3. I hope you feel better soon! I know what it all feels like to have knees hurting and knee damage from and etc.

  4. {{{ Anne}}} hugs from your fans in the big apple xoxoox You got this !

  5. It is very humbling to be completely at the mercy of others. If only for a while.
    I will post about my awesome progress - soon! Right now I aleep about 16 hours a day with the heavy pain meds they gave me.

  6. oh dang!!! Heel fast (get it?... yuck yuck) no seriously take care of yourself!


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